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Blue Ceed Premium Domains for Lease

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Blue Ceed's SEO Hosting Services

Blue Ceed's SEO Hosting Plan takes the offense against unwanted attacks to your website server - mostly with the end goal of maintaining your existing presence in the search engines. This service is not a guarentee, but does offer some measure of protection in that once a month a member of our team will look at your analytics and crawl statistics, then block any hackers, spammers, bots, etc., that look troublesome. This is based on a monthly manual review with follow-up action taken as needed, then reported to you by email with your monthly website analytics report.

This service include website analytics program installation and monitoring and is our baseline service for customers interested in more in-depth marketing help. Retainers for hands-on marketing work are also available on request - please inquire today or contact us by email to arrange a time to talk.

*Pre-Pay for One Year to Qualify for Extra Free Services

New customers or others wanting the 10% prepayment discount with free extra support and training services, please use this button:

Paying Monthly

Using this button will set up a recurring monthly payment for SEO Managed Hosting. New customers, please prepay annually the first year only (see above for online payments). Thereafter monthly payments available.

Set up $78 per month auto payments via Paypal subscription:

For website package customers that want to upgrade to advance SEO hosting services, you will receive a three month free credit in lieu of one year of free basic hosting. Thereafter, you are welcome to sign up for recurring monthly or annual billing.

Please note that subscriptions check out through a separate process from shopping cart items due to legal requirements of the purchasing agreement.

How to Pay by Check

Check payments are available when pre-paid quarterly ($250 per quarter) or annually ($842). Please request an invoice.

For New Customers

For the ‘Free’ service tier with monthly SEO reporting, start an automated monthly payment plan for hosting here. There is a one year service minimum at this service tier for new customers, after that the service can be paid monthly and you can downgrade to regular self-managed hosting or cancel at any time once going month-to-month after the initial year.

We can also managing your recurring payment internally with a payment method on file on request. Check payment info is also below the buttons.

When prepaying for one year, also enjoy complimentary SEO and marketing coaching services by email at no extra charge and training on your Website content management system as needed by email, phone or Skype. Plus we are happy to help you if you have plug-in or template upgrade questions to help back up your internal decision-making procedures. Free services are meant to be of a training nature only. Advanced marketing execution services are available for an additional hourly fee.

Free Basic Website Content Management System Training includes training on how to use the features of the content management system through the browser. This does not include advanced topics by default or advanced coding questions by default. Advanced coding services are available for an additional hourly fee.

Website SEO Managed Services include monthly monitoring for ‘blackhat’ SEO, hacking attempts, plus a monthly SEO performance report is delivered to you by email.

In addition, you will be able to log directly into your own stats programs at any time to directly monitor your website traffic. If you are looking for more analysis and oversight, add on hours at any time.

Note: If you ever need to cancel, you can still keep your private hosting account if desired, which you can then manage directly in terms of payment.

How to Cancel Advanced SEO Hosting and /or Hosting Accounts Created for you by Ceed

- To cancel or downgrade your service back to regular hosting, please submit your request by email indicating whether to cancel SEO & marketing reporting and consulting features only, or whether you want to keep and self-manage your main hosting account without any extra services.

- Please also note the date to for the change to take effect.

- Please allow 24 hours for cancellation weekdays and by close of the next business day when submitting a request during holidays or weekends.

- Please note that services to third parties paid as part of the service may already be prepaid for the month and therefore it may take up to 30 days for those services to cancel, therefore those fees may be deducted from any refunds that may be due at the time of service cancellation.

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