Blue Ceed Premium Domains for Lease
Blue Ceed Premium Domains for Lease

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Our One Website Package: Theme Install Service +

The Website Theme Install Service Package is based on our extensive experience working together with small businesses to help make their website goals come to fruition.

Payment plan available – $899 for three months. This button will establish a recurring payment plan that will last for three (3) payments of $899 each:

Choose your theme or get help with the initial theme selection. Send in your content digitally and it will be put together for you. After site launch, you will receive training and/or support as needed while you continue to refine existing content or add new content through your web browser-based content management system for up to 30 days, or 90 days total from the start date, or on an ongoing basis depending on your hosting arrangement or choice of additional services. We also provide on-call service at affordable rates on a sliding scale for our long-term clients.

The project flat fee includes:

- Up to ten (10) pages of content in terms of assisted development. You'll be able to add an unlimited number of page, blog posts, etc, thereafter through your website browser using your new website content management system.

- Training provided by email and by telephone for your WordPress content management system that you will be able to access directly through your website browser

- Graphics assistance for the theme

- Email plug-in assistance (optional)

- Social media plug-in assistance (optional)

- Contact form (optional)

- Email address set up in account for use with your choice of technology

- Starter meta titles

- Google map embedded with a link to interactive directions (optional)

Please note the following prior to purchasing this service:

The first year of hosting fees are paid to our hosting partner company to get things started and to streamline the sign up process for you. basic hosting service is used by default and the monthly renewal when paid directly is $7.99 at this time, subject to change at, so see their website for most current pricing. So all you have to do is sign up here for this one service, we will create the hosting account and after one year you will have the option to begin paying them directly at the monthly or annual rates, as posted. We also offer a payment by check service which you will be offered at the time of your renewal by invoice around the time of your first annual renewal.

- The hosting nameserver information will be provided to the customer so that the domain nameservers can be updated to reflect the hosting location by the customer, if the domain is located in a provider account other than If the domain is also in your account at, this will be updated by us by default by the time the website is launched.

- Any theme fees paid to third parties for a pre-styled template are in addition to this fee and the responsibility of the customer, in terms of payment. These can be purchased and installed for you as part of this service with a 20% financing surcharge for the third party payment; any monthly paid services will need to be directly charged by the customer or these can be added to your monthly hosting service fee if applicable.

- Any photos or graphics used from third party sources may be subject to payments to third parties. The customer will pay these directly or have Ceed make payments on their authorized behalf with a 20% surcharge.

- Any plug-ins or advanced graphics requests will incur additional hourly fees, however this will require your advanced written approval.

- We will need your content in a digital form within 30 days of payment. Not to worry though – we are happy to provide you with training on updates as needed.

- Text and images received in hard copy via regular mail are totally welcome, but we must charge extra hourly fees for retyping and/or image scanning. The rate for basic retyping or scanning is $35 per hour including a proof file that will be sent to you for review. Hard copy materials will be returned if desired, with return postage paid by the customer.

- Get coaching on SEO questions as needed and get help with social media and marketing questions by email.

- Total package hours: 100. Once total hours exceed 100, we reserve the right to request overage at the rate of $25 per hours through the actual launch of the site. You will be notified at the 75% utilitization mark if we anticipate surpassing the 100 hour mark on the project at hand. All overage must be approved by electronic signature in advance.

- Add a meeting 3-pack as needed for more ongoing directed account oversight - see below.

Optional Services

Sign up for one year of WordPress SEO Managed Hosting. This will add on to the free 90-period for new WordPress Custom package customers who opt for the advanced SEO hosting service in lieu of one year of free basic hosting:

Add a domain to your website package or SEO hosting package:

SSL Certificate

Add an SSL certificate to your SEO hosting account or to a WordPress website project.

Add a Strategy Meeting 3-Pack

Add a set of 3 meetings:

Add a set of three (3) follow-up meetings after the launch of your new website or SEO hosting account. Schedule these weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs and internal work schedule.

Excellent service to be used in conjunction with Ceed monthly SEO hosting reporting service, especially if the customer wants more detailed follow up and work recommendations and/or SEO and marketing coaching. Sessions can also cover any topics needed by the customer.

Work schedule is flexible and adjusted to your needs. Generally this is top-level guidance only and the customer is expected to participate in the discussed work projects. However, if your plans do change, hours can be converted to work hours at any time if the customer prefers Ceed to implement discussed tasks or use the hours toward general SEO-type activities directly on your site to be implemented at Ceed’s discretion at the customer’s request near the end of the one year hours banking period, as marked by the day the hours were purchased.

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