Blue Ceed Premium Domains for Lease
Blue Ceed Premium Domains for Lease

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Sign up for one year of Blue Ceed's unique SEO Managed Hosting:

Add a domain to your website package or SEO hosting package:

This will set up auto-renewal (requires a separate check out process to create annual auto-renewal approval):

SSL Certificate

Add an SSL certificate to your SEO hosting account or to a WordPress website project. This renews annually by invoice.

This button will set up recurring payments for your SSL certificate annually – this will take you through a separate check out process to enable the automated payment set up.

Add a Strategy Meeting 3-Pack

Add a set of 3 meetings:

Add a set of three (3) follow-up meetings after the launch of your new website or SEO hosting account. Schedule these weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs and internal work schedule.

Excellent service to be used in conjunction with Ceed monthly SEO hosting reporting service, especially if the customer wants more detailed follow up and work recommendations and/or SEO and marketing coaching. Sessions can also cover any topics needed by the customer.

Work schedule is flexible and adjusted to your needs. Generally this is top-level guidance only and the customer is expected to participate in the discussed work projects. However, if your plans do change, hours can be converted to work hours at any time if the customer prefers Ceed to implement discussed tasks or use the hours toward general SEO-type activities directly on your site to be implemented at Ceed’s discretion at the customer’s request near the end of the one year hours banking period, as marked by the day the hours were purchased.

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